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About us

Torquay Toys is an independent and locally owned store located at the surfing capital of Australia.

Jill Randall runs the Toy Shop and she has many years of experience working as a mother craft nurse, Kindergarten assistant, retail assistant and running a family business in Education. She can give you advice on purchasing a suitable gift for a child of any age.
Product focus is on educational toys that are well made and constructed using sustainable resources. Many of the products have a wood component. Many customers provide very complimentary feedback about the display of traditional and quality toys.
A wide range of toys and games are available for both indoor and outdoor activities. It has been proven that children learn much faster if they have fun doing it. So get playing, because our motor-skill toys make learning double the fun!

There are a range of balance items to assist littlies with walking and riding. Well actually there are too many products to mention them all – yes you will just have to browse. Gift cards are available and great for when you are not sure what to buy.

For the adults we have a wide range off the very popular quality wooden outdoor games by planet Finska as well as puzzles and other indoor games. Enable your family to engage in activities together.

Focus on:

  • ​Educational toys
  • Quality
  • Sustainable products including some organic products
  • Great gifts
  • Fun for children and adults
  • Puzzles, board games, outside games and other entertaining options
  • Walkers, ride on, bikes
  • Some craft items
  • A very wide variety of products that are too many to mention