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Layby Policy

A lay-by purchase may be made at the Torquay shop front store subject to the terms and conditions. No lay-by is available at the online store.

The store terms and conditions are listed below:

Lay-By Agreement

Terms and Conditions

All Lay-By agreements run for a maximum period of 12 weeks. If the customer fails to maintain the instalments agreed by that period, the company reserves the right to cancel the agreement and place the item back out on display.

A deposit must be a minimum of 20% of the total purchase value.

The minimum lay-by sale is $50.

The cancellation charge on a lay-by is a fixed fee as outlined below.

There are no returns or exchanges on lay-by items with the exception of faulty goods or in accordance with your legislated rights.

The customer or the store has the right to cancel a lay-by, see below.


Payments may be made regularly during the layby period in cash or by credit or debit cards accepted by the store. Electronic funds transfer is available upon request. With each payment made a register receipt will be issued, showing the amount paid and the balance remaining outstanding.

Collection of Goods

No goods can be taken prior to all payments being received. Goods are only to be collected from the original store of purchase. No goods will be assembled or wrapped until all goods have been paid for in full. Collection of goods will only be allowed with a copy of the valid Lay-By document, please ensure you retain your copy of the agreement, as we will not be legally able to hand over any goods without this being produced. If you lose this document, please inform the store immediately and then attend the store with photographic proof of identity to obtain a duplicate.


All applicable warranties commence from the period of collection and not from the start of the Lay-By.

Customer Cancellation of Lay-By Agreement

You are entitled to cancel your Lay-By agreement at any time prior to the collection of the goods. All funds paid, less applicable fees will be reimbursed to you by the following methods: Cash/EFTPOS Paid (Under $250.00) - a refund of cash will be issued by the store.

Refunds will be made by the samemeans as the payments (ie cash or EFTPOS), unless by mutual agreement.

Payments made by credit card - Allpayment amounts will be refunded to the original credit card.

All refund amounts are less the cancellation fee.

Company Cancellation of Lay-By Agreement

Customers will be contacted for all lay-bys that are not completed by the due date. After the due date the lay-by will be cancelled and the customer will be given a refund for their payments made, less the cancellation charge.

The company also reserves the right to terminate the agreement if they are unable to supply the item, the goods have been deemed to be faulty or they cease to trade. No cancellation fees will apply where the company has enacted any of these rights.

Cancellation Fees

Companies are entitled to charge a reasonable cancellation fee for cancellation of Lay-By agreements. The cancellation charge is applied to compensate the retailer's selling, storage and administration costs.

The fees applicable to your agreement are $40.00 if cancelled within the first month and an added $5.00 per month for each consecutive month in addition. The maximum fee charged is $55.00, as all agreements will automatically be cancelled after four months if the agreement has not been maintained.