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Torquay Toys Web Site and Online Store

Not all products available in the shop front store will be visible online.  As time moves forward we will be adding product from the shop front store to our online store.  There may also be some products available online that may not be visible in the shop front store.

Find a Product

The search tool is very powerful and can respond to information stored in a range of fields.

Collections is another way to find a product(s).  The main collections are based on our theme of Play, Learn and Create, with additional collections under those main headings and a General collection and age collections.

The collections are a guide only to assist you find product.  Please check each product carefully and select appropriately for your child.  We do have a number of products suitable for adults as well such as outdoor and indoor games.

The full range of collections are visible in the catalog (which becomes visible on the left hand side of the screen when any one collection is selected).


  1. ​Use the top navigation bar
  2. Use the Catalog on left hand side (visible on the left hand side of the screen when any one collection is selected)


You can sort and change the view of the list of products in each collection.

First of all you can sort alphabetically A-Z or Z to A, or by date.

The default view is what is called a grid, which displays more information but a smaller number of products.  The list view enables you to see a greater number of product and then click on an item to see more detail.  This list view will be faster if browsing lots of items.

The list view if the far right icon as seen above, and the grid view is the 4 squares second from the right.

If you cannot locate a product that you are looking for please contact us.​​

Age Category

The age category is to assist you to find toys. Check the individual product item if you need to clarify the age listed on the product.

A range of factors such as the interests of a child and their level of development that will influence the choice of a toy.  Please contact us if you need to clarification for a particular item.